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“Your mouth is going to get you into real trouble one day”, Vice Principal Getson said, shaking his head. It was then I knew…

My mouth has gotten me into bunches and bunches of trouble over the years….and provided my abundant life. With adversity comes choice, though. Choose to learn…thrive.

My disobedience has earned me the valuable lessons necessary to help others succeed…and spirit badges for Rainmaker and Rogue Wolf.

Fact is, we live in a broken system. Distrust the bullsh*t rules. Distrust the box. We aren’t changing the system, but we can damn sure manipulate it to give us the unfair advantage.

Wizard of Sales

Walk away from unreliable hunting and the addictive, yet fleeting gratification of the ‘today’ sale. Walk with me toward the sustainable future of relational selling.

It takes discipline. Therefore, it takes visionary leaders. For the forward thinking and courageous,  we will launch your riches to new heights.

You need a guide, a tribe and fanatical followers. The successful never do it alone.  When you’re ready, let’s talk…

Hip Joint Investments

We believe that you shouldn’t have to live in a place that we wouldn’t live in ourselves. We believe in style, comfort, and the finer things. We believe that your home should be your sanctuary. We believe that you work hard for your money. You shouldn’t have to waste it on walls with no insulation or overpriced rent. We love dogs more than cats. We believe pets keep you sane. We believe our special places will have you holding your head high that you live here.

On the rare occasion one of our places comes up for lease, we want you to see what we believe.

Platinum Health & Wealth

 What if there was another way? 

Time is a non-renewable resource, but you can always make more money. Most don’t have the time or the inclination to work a “side hustle”. What with kids, work, pets, work, kids, hobbies, Netflix, and supper to deal with, we get it.

What if….what if we did your side hustle work for you? 

Click the red button and everything stays the same.
Smash that blue button and see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I hire you to do, Ryan?
I am available for public keynotes, group workshops, and specialized training on a limited access basis. Please contact us to discuss what you had in mind.
What countries do you work in?
I am willing and able to travel for the right client. Please contact us to discuss what you had in mind.
How much do you charge?
I maintain the same pricing for every client, thought the size and scope of the activities will change the price accordingly. Please contact us to discuss what you had in mind.